Our Mission, Goals & Objectives

ASC Vancouver Surgical Centre is focused on patients. Owned by 19 surgeons, with over 15,000 surgeries performed by 60 surgeons specializing in plastic (cosmetic, wrist), sports injuries (knee, ankle, shoulder, elbow, foot),  varicose veins and hernia repair as the core of their expertise.

Our MISSION is to be exemplary in providing the highest quality surgical experience in an environment that is safe, convenient, and comfortable for our patients, their families, our
employees and the health care practitioners who use ASC Vancouver Surgical Centre.

Our GOAL is to provide services to a wide range of patients and surgeons.  Our staff and surgeons will deliver these services in a comfortable, safe, and cost effective manner.

Our OBJECTIVES comprise the following:

College and Standards

We will work with the College of Physicians and Surgeons to establish a structure, system and processes that assure the highest clinic standards. Along with this, we will recruit and retain a medical staff consistent with the highest standards of personal, professional and 
clinical service.


We will establish a culture of service and care that is respectful of the Canada Health Act and Medicare Protection Act, allowing for patient care needs and responsive to our medical professional’s style, skills and perspectives.


We will work with appropriate constituencies to build the business of open access care within public standards. We will work with compatible partners from various disciplines, in a transparent forum respectful of the public’s desire for full disclosure.


We will share appropriate information with investor partners and those with a right or need to know, the standards we establish and our performance against these measurements.


We will create a perspective that challenges our best, learns from our mistakes, and celebrates our successes.