Information for Doctors

Information for Physicians and Surgeons

Patients are the heart of our business, and their safe care is our first priority. ASC Vancouver Surgical Centre focuses on providing timely, accessible care for patients, and allows physicians and surgeons to practice safe, appropriate care in a conveniently located centre.

ASCV is 90% owned by physicians and surgeons who practice at the centre. The centre is professionally managed by Ambulatory Surgical Centres Canada Company which provides investment, facilities management, administration and business development services. For more information, visit

With over 7200 square feet, ASCV has two large operating rooms, one smaller surgery/procedure room, and a large post-anaesthetic recovery area. Three fully equipped overnight stay rooms allow you to perform a broader range of surgery and ensure that your patient can benefit from pain control and/or medical observation and recovery.

To make an application for privileges, please contact us by phone at (604) 669-6181.