Our Facility

ASC Vancouver Surgical Centre is an initiative of 19 physicians and surgeons, principally staff of St. Paul’s Hospital, who developed a vision for an open access system of healthcare delivery. It is their goal to create a highly efficient system for the delivery of quality care as a complement to the existing services of the public healthcare system.

The ASC Vancouver Surgical Centre has three full operating rooms and a large procedure room for surgical procedures that do not require general anesthetic. In addition to a four bed recovery room, and four chair step-down unit, the Centre has three overnight stay rooms to provide extended nursing care for patients.

The staff at ASC Vancouver are committed to providing high quality patient care from the time the patient arrives at the Centre, until the time they leave. With a high staff to patient ratio, patients are assured that their comfort and care will be closely overseen during their entire visit.

“The ASC is without question the best facility that one can be blessed to have the pleasure of attending. The superb interior design of the facility combined with excellent care, lends the experience of having surgery far less stressful. Thank you!" -- A.S.B. Jun 5, 2009