Out of Town Patients

Traveling to Vancouver for Private Surgery

Travel requires detailed planning and we are happy to assist out-of-town Canadian resident patients in making the process as smooth and simple as possible.

To maximize your time, your consult and surgery can be arranged in a one, two or three day trip, although some restrictions may apply. For Orthopedic or Neurosurgery procedures we require the following medical information prior to booking a consult. Often the surgeon can determine if you will benefit from surgery by reviewing your medical records first.

  • Diagnostic images and report (MRI; CT scan; X-rays)
  • A brief letter specifically describing the injury (ie. how and when it started, symptoms, and current treatment plan)
  • Any medical opinion related to the injury
  • Completed copy of the preoperative evaluation and medical history form

After the surgeon’s review of the above information they will have a clearer idea of your surgical candidacy. If you decide to proceed with a consult and surgery at that time necessary arrangements can commence. Only after a consultation with the surgeon can an exact surgical opinion be given.


A number of local hotels in close proximity to the Centre offer competitive or a corporate medical rate for our patients:

When planning your surgical stay allow for 3 – 5 days which provides time for the consult, surgery, and post-surgical consult. Flying should be limited to 1000 kilometres post anaesthesia and should not be undertaken until two days post surgery. A responsible adult is required to stay with you for the first 24 hours post operatively.

The other alternative is to stay overnight at the ASC Vancouver Surgical Centre.If you desire round the clock nursing care. This is available at a rate of $1,200 per night however is limited by regulations to a one night stay.

To begin planning your surgery process, please contact the Patient Services Coordinator either by email or by telephone at 1-877-333-ASCV (2728) for more details.